Galaxy Note 2 coming this Fall?

As many of you know the Samsung Galaxy Note made waves in the mobile industry when it was released in late 2011. The reason that it made waves was because it was a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet. In the world of mobiles it was an unheard of quantity and it quickly proved to be quite popular when it contributed to a record year for Samsung which included knocking Nokia off their pedestal in sales. As it stands the Galaxy Note has sold 7 million units which is well on the way to its target of 10 million by the end of 2012. So it is not as surprising that recent news has revealed that there is the possibility that Samsung is going to release a Galaxy Note 2 in October.

The reports indicate that the Galaxy Note successor may have a display that is a “precursor to the flexible display”. A better way to describe it would be an unbreakable display plane which has more give than a regular screen. The extent of this give is not known as of yet.

The new type of screen will allow for the device to be thinner than the current Galaxy Note as well as have a larger screen than the current 5.3 inch monster. It will be interesting to see how far Samsung can push the limits of what makes a phone and what makes a tablet. Those questions will however be answered soon if the company keeps creating devices like this.


Apple have yet to release their iPhone 5, but it is presumed by many since they let the WWDC pass without any mention of it, that the launch of the smartphone would be in the fall. It will be very interesting to see which of the rival companies comes out on top if the two next generation smartphones come out simultaneously.


The build of the Galaxy Note 2 is expected to be derivative of the Galaxy S3 according to reports. So fans of the pebble shaped phone that has recently been released will be very pleased with this news. It will also be sturdier than the last Galaxy Note against falls. Reports have not mentioned the stylus so it is unclear whether it will still be a feature in the new Note. The name is also something which is yet to be confirmed.


As expected the new Note will be running on Android Jelly Bean, the successor of Ice Cream Sandwich. Coupled with a quad core processor, multitasking will be seamless.


The phone will also feature a 12 megapixel rear camera which is a step up from the Note’s current 8 megapixel camera.


The release date and details need to be confirmed officially by the company but the likelihood that the story has more than some truth to it is high.



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