G-Phone – Child Safety Phone!

The G-phone is designed specifically for child safety and parental peace of mind. The phone is aimed at parents who would like to provide their child with a mobile phone but wish to retain control over the call cost, to whom calls can be made and also be able to locate the whereabouts of the phone and its user if need be.

This phone helps parents to give their children more freedom in an age where we have become overly protective for their safety. At a time where many parents both have to work and children have to walk home alone to an empty house,  this phone helps give both parent and child the confidence that they can remain in close contact. With limited functions it is simple, safe and easy to use. It has a quiet mode, the design is child friendly and it doesn’t look like a traditional phone arousing less attention.

The G-phone has an inbuilt GPS function which allows the parents to track the whereabouts of the phone and user if need be using the bundled software CD or a website GPS tracking service.  A text message can also be sent at scheduled dates and times with the exact GPS location.

Calls Unlike other mobile phones the G-phone allows calls to be made to the parent defined names stored in the SIM phone book so parents can keep control of bills and phone usage.

SIM The phone comes without a SIM allowing parents to choose the best network options for their family and reduce costs of running the phone.

Texts The handset has a inbuilt text facility, but again this can only send pre-defined messages to the pre- programmed numbers so a child cannot send texts excessively.

Geofence The G phone has a Geo fence which allows the parent to set a maximum distance the user is allowed to play away from the set location, if the distance is exceeded a text message is sent to the parent. Distances can be set at 200m to 2000m.

SOSButton The SOS buttons positioned either side of the G-phone when pressed will send an emergency message to the pre-programmed numbers.

Uses The G Phone is being purchased by parents who want that extra level of reassurance, whilst giving their children more confidence and greater independence to play at the swings, visit friends or walk home from school.  The G-Phone is for children aged 8 years+ but can also be used for business corporations as a money saving tool where businesses can keep track of the phone and limit call costs.

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