Fujitsu to launch smartphones in Europe

Fujitsu Smartphones to launch in EuropeFujitsu announced this weekend its intentions to launch its latest smartphones in Europe, although no date has been set for this to take place. This announcement comes less than three months after another Japanese consumer electronics giant, Panasonic, revealed the same intentions.


With over 11% market penetration in Japan, it comes as little surprise to see Fujitsu looking to expand overseas. Traditionally, Japanese designed handsets haven’t sold well in Europe as they have been tailored to a local market, however with smartphones largely being customised by the user, this fear has subsided somewhat. The success of European smartphone sales for rivals Samsung, HTC and to a lesser extent Huawei, has given further confidence to overseas launches.


With the World Mobile Congress, the industry’s showcase event, due to begin next week in Barcelona, it is expected that Fujitsu will have more information about expected launch dates and handset details. As soon as the Fujitsu smartphones are launched in the UK, Mobilesplease will have the latest mobile phone deals and offers on its range.



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