Fujitsu Announces Android Phone for Elderly Users



Smartphones have been finding their way into the hands of many users with handsets out there designed to meet the most demanding tech lovers, kid-friendly phones, rugged phones and now Fujitsu looks to provide a smartphone for the more senior mobile phone users.


Designed with the elderly mobile user in mind the F-12D runs an unknown version of Android and Fujitsu has been working with Google to create a new interface with large icons designed to make Android more simple to use.


The phone has a clickable touchscreen that is designed to stop “false touches” to ensure light, accidental touches don’t open apps or features avoiding confusion for the user. So simply tapping on an app won’t launch it, it will be highlighted and a second touch will open it.



So far the phone is only set for launch in Japan but as Fujitsu advance to foreign markets we could see this grandma-friendly phone hit our shores.


Do you think this phone is a good idea? Would you buy your parents/grandparents one? Are elderly people you know already using smartphones?

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