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The latest addition to the Samsung smart phone range the i780 is sophisticated, sleek and made for business users. So many offers are availiable on mobiles these days, but the free Samsung i780 mobile is the real deal.
Following successors i450, i550 and the i600i the 3g enabled smart phone combines business features with high performance technology. Aiming to rival the blackberry mobile below screen keyboards the Samsung handset is much slimmer than the classic blackberry which is already a bonus.
With a professional shiny black finish the 2.6 large touch screen the i780 runs on Windows mobiles is larger and heavier than the i600 which is another of the expert’s smart phones.  This is down to the screen which is touch sensitive, has 65K colours and is one of the only devices that has a 320 X 320 screen resolution.  This handset has not been made cheaply with plastic materials with the back cover alone having a leathery texture to it.

The handset is 3G, EDGE, HSDPA, and GPRS capable plus it has a great 2 megapixel camera with 2X digital zoom, Wi-Fi and is powered by Windows mobile 6. The i780 has 3 input options: touch screen, the joystick and the QWERTY keyboard which is perfect for one hand texting you have a lot of choice when roaming around the handset.
Getting down to the features, the best ones include the optical joystick which acts like a mini optical mouse allowing you to hop around the screen, find your way around with the Garmin and Google maps application and download large files in a breeze.

Allowing fast data transfer with 3.6mbps you can keep you corporate database up to date while on the move, sending and receiving emails, enjoying 3G high speed connectivity and browse the internet at ease.
With a massive 128 MB of RAM means that this device is able to run a multitude of applications and hang-ups are kept to a minimum unlike some other windows mobile devices.

To allow it to run all of these applications the handset holds 2 batteries with a time of up to 2 weeks, 2 days and 16 hours.

Not the prettiest smart phone it still has a lot of plus points and is perfect if you’re looking for a professional handset. Make sure you check out the free mobile phone offers at

Samsung i780

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