LG Mobile Prada II

It’s been made official, the LG Prada II mobile phone will bigger ,better plus have a QWERTY keyboard.
Branching out into the smart phone market will be challenging with great handsets already out there such as the Samsung i780 and this new handset is rumoured to cost a lot more than these! Is it worth the money?
Since LG announced that sales of the LG Prada phone crossed one million units last month, mobile enthusiasts expect the second phone in the range to be even better. The k850 has great looks, a great brand behind it and it was the first mobile handset to use full touch screens so the new version will no doubt be fantastic.
The QWERTY keyboard is a first for LG and the silver keyboard with on-screen, call and hang-up buttons with other features including 3G compatibility, a full HTML browser and a 5 megapixel camera.
The drawbacks of the LG Prada I were that it had no 3G compatibility or Wi-Fi and it looks like LG have learned from their mistakes and added these to the new design.
Although very stylish, it is pretty costly at 600 Euros (approx £350) but rumour has it that the Prada designer will get more involved with LG this time around helping out with everything from the design to the ringtones. Although images aren’t out yet this is what we think it will look like judging from the press release.

Set to be released by the end of the year the Prada II is sure to be another great outcome from the collaboration between the experts. Check out the LG k850 Prada with great mobile phone from LG Prada II

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