Free gifts? Yes please!

We all love to get things for free and one of the most effective ways of doing this is to get a great free gift when purchasing your next mobile phone.

The Sony Playstation 3 Slim is currently our no.1 gift picked by you, our valued customers. The PS3 Slim is much more compact but there are other real benefits to this latest release such as quieter operation to allow you to not only enjoy your gaming experience but also enjoy Blu-ray movies without that distinctive hum depleting the sound quality. The PS3 Slim also offers users Wi-Fi connectivity for Web browsing and access to free online gaming services.

The next question our customers ask is ‘what premium do I pay for getting such a great gift?’. The answer to this is very little indeed with tariffs starting from less than £18pm and with a selection of free handsets to choose from there is nothing to stop you from taking advantage of our great deals.

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Our top 10 most popular gifts are:

1. Sony PS3 Slim
2. iPod touch 8GB
3. Compaq CQ61
4. Dell laptop
5. Acer laptop
6. Samsung N130
7. 42 inch TV
8. 32 inch TV
9. 50 inch
10. Xbox 360 Elite

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