Finding the best Android apps

The Android operating system is one of the most popular choices for smartphone and tablet buyers and combines many familiar Google features such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and much more.


But, the draw for most Android users is of course the Google Play store, from which you can search for new apps, both free and paid, to download onto your smartphone or tablet.


How can I find the best Android apps?


The Android app store is pretty simple to use and you can search for new apps directly from your smartphone or via a laptop or PC.


There are five different ways from here to hone down on the apps you may want to download:


  1. Search: If you know the name of the app or know what type of app you are after then put it in the search box.
  2. Categories: You can pick a category from here such as books, games, photography, medical, puzzle and much more.
  3. Top Charts: On this page you can see the top apps and the top selling apps followed by individual segments for things like the top games and top grossing apps making this page one of the best places to start searching for an app.
  4. New Releases: If you head on over to this page then you once again see the breakdowns described in the Top Charts but this time focused on what’s new.
  5. Editor’s Choice: We really don’t know how Google decides what is posted on this page but it does seem to highlight apps from the big players such as the BBC as well as promoting plenty of downloadable games.


What are the best apps today?


  • TuneIn Radio: With over 100,000 real radio stations and over 4 million podcasts, this app is the key to finding and listening to talk shows and music.


TuneIn Radio


  • Viber: Taking on the likes of Skype, Viber is quickly becoming the most popular way to share photos and videos, text and call with HD sound quality for free over 3G or Wi-Fi.




  • Dragons Rise of Berk: This adventure game based on the movie from DreamWorks will suck you into some of the most addictive game play in a world of vikings and dragons.


Dragons Rise of Berk


  • Magisto: This is a super app that takes your photos and the best bits from your videos and splices them together to make a video within graphics, effects and music. Easy to use by non-professionals the Magisto app is fun to use and you can share your edited movies via any of the main social networks.





How can I find app recommendations and app reviews?


There are many places across the web to find app recommendations and app reviews and this includes the smartphone apps page on


All of the apps recommended on this page have been downloaded and tested by the reviewer and popular review articles include:


  • Best Fitness and Workout Apps
  • Top 10 Apps for Commuters
  • Best Apps for Builders
  • Best SEO Apps
  • Top 10 Sports Apps
  • Best Apps for Fashion


So there you have, you should be well on your way to finding the best Android apps.

Written by: Michael Brown

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