Festival Essential – The Vodafone Booster Brolly



With the summer festival season gearing up, festival goers will have the usual checklist for essential items and these will include wellies and a brolly to help protect against the inevitable downpours.


Vodafone has created the ultimate festival accessory in the form of the Booster Brolly, a clever umbrella that will charge your mobile phone and boost the 3G signal so you can share your rainy festival experience with everyone


According to the Vodafone blog this brainy brolly “uses a clever combination of high gain antenna and low power signal repeater to catch radio waves from a Vodafone transmitter, before dispersing a very low intensity signal, creating a small “signal shower”, just above users’ heads. It connects their phones to the network, and even boosts the signal of other Vodafone customers around them.”


The umbrella has a hand-sewn canopy with a dozen two volt solar panels that power a battery allowing you to charge your mobile or power the built-in torch – perfect for getting back to your tent after a day of festival fun.



The Vodafone Booster Brolly is a concept project made in conjunction with the University College London and will be launched at the Isle of Wight festival later this month and if successful then it is likely to be seen at other venues too.


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