Facebook to launch smartphone next year?



There have been rumours of Facebook releasing their own phone in the past and now it looks like it could be a reality with a Facebook phone pegged for release next year.


According to the New York Times, Facebook has hired hardware and software engineers that have worked for Apple on both the iPhone and iPad.


With Facebook recently floated on the stock market it makes sense to keep diversifying revenue streams and a handset would be a good way to get away from the free app market and release something of value.


There has been no official word from Facebook on whether the latest rumours are true but according to the New York Times Mark Zuckenberg spoke to an engineer and grilled him on the inner workings of smartphones.


Previous attempts at a Facebook phone did not yield any actual products with a project code named “Buffy” apparently being abandoned and the collaboration with HTC resulting in the HTC ChaCha and Salsa featuring a Facebook button rather than being a Facebook branded phone.


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