Facebook Messenger now allows group video calls

The latest Facebook Messenger update allows you chat to many friends at once over video chat so you can enjoy group chats with more friends and family in the mix. The Facebook Messenger app now allows group video calls for up to 50 friends at a time.


Facebook Messenger Video calls


fb group messenger


That’s right, Facebook now allows you to add up to 50 people to a video call – take that Skype and Google! Other platforms allow multiple callers on a video chat but are limited to 10 so Facebook decided to give you the chance to create a super video party for up to 50 callers.


Facebook has responded to the fact that video chatting has been once of the most requested features for their Messenger service and the roll out begins across the desktop version, Android and iOS Messenger apps.


Facebook Messenger filters


facebook video message filters



There is on additional feature, although only for iOS users at the present, where you can add 3D masks during your chat so you can add snapchat-like effects as you enjoy your video call.


Although this is only for iOS users for now we can expect it to roll out across the other platforms in the future too so don’t worry if you are not an Apple user, it will come to you at some point.

Get the new Facebook Messenger


To enjoy this new feature you need to make sure you have the latest version of Messenger on your device and when you have you simply create a group chat or join one.


When in the chat you can press the video icon in the corner to start a video chat with everyone in the group getting a notification that video chat has been initiated.



facebook group video chats


Anyone in the chat can join in by tapping the video icon or you can call individuals within the chat or the whole group to get everyone on video.


To keep things from being too chaotic the dominant speaker is the only one shown once chats get more than six participants and each person can choose whether to join in with just audio or add video.


This latest move from Facebook shows they want to be the format we all use to stay connected however we choose to do that and we can expect more features to roll out as the app gets developed.

Would you use Facebook Messenger video call instead of Skype or FaceTime? Have you tried to group video call feature? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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