Facebook Live Streaming will be available across all devices


Facebook Live video has become a big focus of the social networking site with lots of work going into the future applications. The company has now confirmed it will be opening up the Live API so that the Facebook Live video will be available across all devices.


facebook f8 conference


Facebook Live Cameras


mevo fb live camera


Opening up the Live API gives us much more than just Facebook Live video on mobile with stand alone cameras getting in on the action too. The feature is available on iOS and Android so the potential for many products to use it is opening up to a world of devices.


Facebook has announced that the Mevo camera will be the first camera to have built-in live-streaming, the device will sync to your Facebook account and allow you to begin streaming with a simple tap of a button.


This camera is a little pricey at $399 but if you are patient it’s likely to drop in price as other manufacturers deliver Facebook Live compatible cameras.


Drones for Facebook Live


Facebook demonstrated the use of Facebook Live streaming on drones during the F8 developer conference on Tuesday with a DJI drone soaring across the crowd to stream the event.


live video api open to developers


There is an update for Phantom drones that will let drone pilots start streaming and interact with viewers making it a much more responsive experience.


There was more to the streaming live from the sky segment too with the news that media organisation will be able to mix the video into their broadcasts and respond to comments as they come in.


The focus on interaction and search in the latest updates to Live streaming will open up the feature to many more users and with many more devices expected soon you should be seeing some unique videos on your Facebook feed.


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