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Going Facebook free for LentTen years ago, giving up chocolate or cigarettes for Lent would have been seen as a tough and ultimately rewarding challenge for most but this year one student from Manchester is going one step further: giving up Facebook. Easy for some, but hugely dramatic for most.


Lauren Percival has started detailing her experiences by writing a blog exclusively for Mobilesplease, which details her experiences and the trauma that going Facebook free brings with it.


“Over the years I have become addicted to Facebook; I’ve rekindled past friendships, formed new ones and even been involved in arguments,” said Lauren Percival, who is studying International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. “Facebook is a great website, however it can be destructive and not to mention distracting. And that’s why I’ve decided it’s time to take a break.”


You can follow Lauren’s progress here, where she will be posting updates and sharing how the experience is going. Please feel free to comment, wish her luck and provide general encouragement!


Day 11:
Facebook Whispers


Day 10:
If Don’t Know What’s Worse, Smashing The Pepper Pot or Cleaning Up The Pepper *Sneezes*


Day 9:
I’m not clumsy, I’m accident prone


Day 8:
The Best £10 I’ve ever spent


Day 7:
The Great Sock Discover


Day 6:
If I Wanted To Stop Driving, I’d Have Given It Up For Lent


Day 5:
Uni Work On A Sunday, Isn’t That Sacrilege?


Day 4: 
They Say Things Come In Threes


Day 3:
Facebook, You Have No Idea What You’ve Missed Out On In These Last Three Days


Day 2: 
Dad’s Just Signed Me Up To Do A 10k Run … Must Start Looking For My Trainers


Day 1: 
Just Bought Myself Two Huge Bags of Mini Eggs Because I Wasn’t Stupid Enough To Give Up Chocolate For Lent. Just Facebook

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