What Would I Rather Do – Panic Buy Petrol or Enjoy The Sun?

Facebook Free – Day 37

Only us Brits would spend our last days of sun (its forecast to rain and maybe even snow on Monday!) queuing on a petrol forecourt preparing for a strike that hasn’t even been confirmed to take place. One woman’s even set herself on fire whilst transferring fuel between containers in her kitchen. After my kitchen fire incident a few weeks back, I’m in no position to start passing judgement on this lady (who I hope is OK), but seriously – they haven’t even planned a strike?! It could be weeks! I can guarantee that before this strike takes place all of this panic petrol that people have paid over the odds for will have ran out.

And I’ll tell you what’s to blame for this … Facebook! I can’t be sure of course – but when panic strikes Facebook usually adds fuel (excuse the pun) to the fire.

I’ll remind myself of this when I’m stranded without petrol next week…!

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