And I Thought I Was Addicted To Social Media …

Facebook Free – Day 36 

I came across a news article this morning (whilst trying to find out exactly when Lent ends) about a woman in Chicago who’s also given up Facebook. A few of my friends have criticised me for not giving up Twitter but, in my defence, I don’t use it in the same way as I use Facebook, it’s completely different – I use it for news more than anything … and some

celeb stalking every once in a while – but doesn’t everyone use Twitter for that purpose?

Anyway, I digress, during my search I read that Christine Melendes, a woman from Chicago, has given up Facebook and stayed on Twitter. I pleased to find that a fellow Facebook Lent Giver Upper (I honestly couldn’t think of a better way title …) had given up one and not the other so I decided to follow her Tweets and I must say that when she says that she ‘loves social media’, she isn’t lying. 4,970 Tweets … compared to my measly 748. Perhaps she should have considered giving up Twitter after all. She stated in a news article that she feels as though she forgot “to do something every morning”. Honestly, I find it difficult to fit scroll through a few news-related tweets in the morning – what time must this woman wake up at in order to tweet five or six times and still feel as though she’s missing something?!

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