Warning: Girl Mourning Shoes

Facebook Free – Day 35 

Almost a year ago I left a pair of Yves Saint Laurent shoes in a taxi in Manchester. I won’t go into too much detail because it makes me incredibly sad. I rectified the situation by treating myself to another pair of very beautiful shoes however; I’ve never got over the loss. And so, in a dramatic attempt to have a pair of these shoes back on my feet on the day of my graduation, I’m going to rob a bank.

Well I’m obviously not, but I need to think of some money saving tips, and so if you’ve got any exceptionally clever ideas on how I can start saving money, please let me know. If I’d have thought forward I could have given up spending money for Lent. Not only would I have looked like Victoria Beckham by the end of it but I’d have also had a pair of shoes just like her again too! Don’t think the husband would have been such an easy achievement though…

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