Is Definitely NOT The Next Tiger Woods

 Facebook Free – Day 33 

Golfing, never one of my strong points. I tried it once, a year ago, and although I wasn’t tragic I found it incredibly dull. Bex however fully embraced the Golfers Wife position and even went as far as buying a set of golf clubs. As short lived as her golfing career was she never stopped telling me how much better playing on a course is in comparison to a driving range. So, taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, I played Pitch and Putt. Hardly the Ryder cup, I admit, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

Suffice it to say that Pitching and Putting is not one of my strengths. After admitting a tragic defeat I declare my golfing days officially over. Thankfully, given my Facebook absence, my opponent is unable to humiliate me too publicly … hopefully he’ll have forgotten in seven days.

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