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Facebook Free – Day 32 

TM’s one of those friends who you can go forever and a day without seeing but when you catch up it’s like you’ve never spent a minute apart. After I arrive two hours late (I’ve got these impeccable time keeping skills during the week, but they vanish from all existence during the weekend – good job he’s a boy with patience) we headed to Wagamama’s for tea and Australasia for drinks where, as I’m such a great friend, I used my best Paddy McGuiness skills to set him up with one

of my best friends, KN. He’s newly single and so’s she … the only thing getting in the way is her phobia of blind dates (and none existent Facebook profile!) and his new Italian model ‘friend’ … if it wasn’t for either of these obstacles you’d be calling me Cilla by now, I know it.

KN’s never had a Facebook profile … I now know how this would be possible but it’s also made me realise how much easier contacting people is with Facebook. Since giving it up for Lent I’ve lost all contact with my hairdresser and spray tanner, have mountains of jewellery to sell on our business page and have missed out on moral support from uni friends during final assignments and our dissertation… Honestly it’s all just a bit exhausting without it.

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