Sun, Smiles and Champagne!

Facebook Free – Day 31 

It’s Friday, it’s sunny, we’ve handed in our dissertations and subsequently earned the rights back to our own life (for today anyway, tomorrow the revisions starts …!) so we’re celebrating the same way that we always do, with Champagne Cocktails at Piccolino’s! Suddenly it all seems so worth it.

KK begins to read out all of the celebratory Facebook updates before I interrupt and remind her that there are still nine (?) days left. I’m not sure how right this is though, I’ve read somewhere that it finishes later than this – perhaps I’ve gone wrong with my dates somewhere? I’ll have to check.

We end the night by lighting heart shaped Chinese Lanterns and setting them off in SH’s back garden, before devouring two pizza’s, two giant bags of crisps, three bags of mini eggs and six cookie crumble bars – good job I didn’t give up junk food for lent!

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