Day 30 – Never Underestimate The Value of Pessimism …

Facebook Free – Day 30

Have you ever seen Love Actually? And the part where the French girl (I forget her name – oh gosh, I sound like my mother) opens the window and Colin Firth’s manuscript flies into the lake? Imagine, if you will, a similar scenario:

My dissertation’s finished, printed and ready to be bound (you can see where this is going already, can’t you?). My sister, who decided to come home from university in Leeds, at 6am in the morning after a night out, wants to come along for the ride. Driving down the motorway at 70mph, my dissertation’s sat in the back blissfully unaware of the drama that’s about to unfold. My sister decides that she’d quite like a cigarette. And opens the window.  Instantly it’s like a scene from a snow globe, as at least three or four pages fly out onto the M62 and the rest continue to fly around in front of my face.

When a day doesn’t go by without a drama you understand the importance of preparation. Subsequently I’d brought my pen drive and printed another copy out when I got to Staples. Pessimism often pays off …

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