Day 29 – “Do You Think That When Nick Is Taking Notes That He Is Actually Drawing A Picture of Margaret?”

Facebook Free – Day 29

Its times like when I’m watching The Apprentice that I miss Facebook the most. Admittedly, if I’ve Sky+’d it, I’m less likely to find out who’s been fired before I’ve even watched it but I quite enjoy ranting about how terrible the candidates are with the girls while I’m watching it.

On the plus side I’ve finished my dissertation three days early, I genuinely believe that the three days equal the time that I’d have accumulated if I’d been on Facebook …! In an attempt to fill the social hole in my television viewing schedule I switched over to Twitter and shared my views with a wider audience on #Apprentice, sadly no-one bothered to Tweet back off there, so I’m missing Facebook more than ever! Eleven days to go.

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