Day 28 – May Start Packing My Food Shopping Into Hermes Handbags…

Facebook Free – Day 28

A few months ago, following advice from a friend, I decided to shop for fruit and veg at Aldi. I’ve never shopped for food at Aldi before in my life and I must admit it was a peculiar experience and I’ve never been back there since for two reasons: mainly because I spent more money on fruit and veg, than I would had I just bought it from Marks and Spencer’s, but also because you have to buy your carrier bags before paying for your food. There aren’t any signs or warnings about this and the bags are no-where to be found (I was later told by my friend that they’re under the till, before you pay. Of course they were, where else would they have been?!) so the checkout girl proceeded to put my food straight into my trolley, not before parking my trolley correctly because apparently there’s a different way of doing that in Aldi too. I laughed to myself as I emptied the contents of my trolley into the boot of my car and wondered how I would have approached this situation had I been catching a bus.

Fast-forward a few months and I’m paying for an entire week’s worth of shopping in Marks and Spencer’s, wondering where on God’s green Earth my shopping bags are. I’m fully aware that I have to pay 5p, and that’s fine, but I’d at least expect to be offered one and not frowned at when I have to ask. I felt like I was in Aldi, only the veg was cheaper.

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