Day 8 – The Best £10 I’ve Ever Spent

Facebook Free, Day 8:

Following my rather unsuccessful attempt at having my eyebrows shaped and threaded last week (a Mercedes drove into me in the car park, subsequently my car took priority over my unruly eyebrows.) I decided that I deserved a break from the assignments that are taking over my life and took a trip to the brow bar. It was my first experience in one of these beauty bars. They’re placed in the busiest part of my home town, right outside Topshop (great business sense but not very discreet for the customer). To be honest I feel rather hypocritical; a few months ago I questioned the dignity of people who chose to have beauty treatments outside the busiest shop in Warrington. There are certain things that a lady doesn’t need to share with the world (this is rich coming from a former Facebook addict) but after seeing the results (amazing!) I swallowed my pride.


The results were astonishing. I felt compelled to stand outside Topshop and share my experience with every woman who walked past me (I didn’t, before you ask). It’s quite literally the best £10 I’ve ever spent. What’s tragic is that I can’t share a photo of my fabulous new eyebrows on Facebook. I know at least ten girls who’d appreciate this recommendation but the only contact I have with them is through Facebook. They’ll have to wait another 32 days – I hope I don’t forget to tell them.


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