“Exploding” Galaxy S3 Was Microwaved



The case of the exploding Samsung Galaxy S3 has been solved, and after independent tests it has been determined the phone was not at fault but that the fire was caused by an external energy source.


Initially the user of the phone reported that the handset had exploded whilst she was driving and after Samsung started the investigation which included enlisting the help of Fire Investigation UK the user has now retracted this statement.


The findings of the report show that the damage to the phone could not have come from the handset itself and it was likely due to the phone being placed in a domestic microwave.


There were some further rumours/statements that the user claimed the damage had been done by a third party trying to repair water damage to the phone.


So those of you that have a Samsung Galaxy S3 or those considering one can be rest assured it will not explode randomly but it will suffer irreparable damage if placed in a microwave. (So try not to confuse your phone with that microwave meal OK?)


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