Everything Everywhere to Showcase 4G at Network Event


Everything Everywhere will launch a new network at an event being held in London tomorrow. The company which owns T-Mobile and Orange was given the go ahead by Ofcom to utilise some of their existing bandwidth for 4G services.


The invites show that the company will discuss the “latest innovations in network technology” so we can expect lots of information on the 4G network roll out plans.


The date is very significant as this event is being held the day before the announcement from Apple on the 12th for their latest iPhone launch. As it’s expected the iPhone 5 will be sporting 4G capabilities this gives Everything Everywhere a huge advantage in the market (O2 and Vodafone are still very unhappy about Ofcoms decision which effectively leaves them without a chance of launching 4G until the auction next year).


So as well as a huge demand for the iPhone 5 we could see a network shift as new iPhone users jump over to the Everything Everywhere network to enjoy super-fast 4G services.


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