Everything Everywhere says 4G will boost UK Economy


Mobile operator Everything Everywhere is campaigning to bring the launch of the UK 4G network forward. It has launched a website called 4Gbritain.org which is aimed at helping individuals and companies learn more about 4G services.

The operator commissioned research which has shown that 4G could give a real boost to the economy, create thousands of jobs and provide superfast broadband to millions of people that don’t have fixed line access to internet services.


Everything Everywhere CEO Olaf Swantee said “This research highlights the significant economic and social benefits that 4G will bring to the UK – already enjoyed in over 30 countries around the world. The UK has the highest levels of smartphone penetration and mobile commerce in Europe, and Britons deserve to have the best infrastructure in place to support this growth.”


Other organisations included on the campaign website include Virgin Mobile, Huawei and the Countryside Alliance however the other big operators Vodafone, Three and O2 all object to Everything Everywhere trying to launch ahead of the forthcoming spectrum auction.


Ofcom is still yet to finalise the details of the auction and with Everything Everywhere pushing for things to move faster the pressure is on Ofcom to create a fair system that everyone agrees with.



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