Escape the crowds and make it a Mobile Christmas


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The Christmas shopping period is well under way and if the thought of crowded shopping centres, endless parking struggles or checkout queues as far as the eye can see fill you with dread then you can join the countless others choosing to shop on their smartphone.


This year has been named the year of the “Mobile Christmas” as IMRG, a leading UK body for e-retailing, has predicted that 64% more mobile users will shop online during this Christmas compared to last year.


Many retailers relish the thought of the Christmas shopping time as they will see sales soar and many more customers than usual and now with this m-commerce trend they are focusing on this side of the business too.


Countless retailers have updated their sites to make them mobile friendly and with social media interaction and user friendly content shopping on your mobile phone has become easier and easier.


John Lewis already reports that 50% of their traffic comes from mobile users and visits to mobile retail sites jumped up by 135% between 2012 and 2013.


This jump in mobile shopping has seen numerous apps being released by retailers to help customers shop on their mobile as well as a focus on make their existing sites more mobile friendly and easier to use.


The estimated spend via mobile shopping is expected to continue to rise to an astonishing £23bn by 2018 so if you really don’t want to brave the high street this Christmas get on your mobile and do your shopping from the comfort of your home.


Have you bought items through your smartphone before? Will you be doing any Christmas shopping via your mobile this year? Do you have any shopping apps that you use regularly? Tell us your mobile shopping stories by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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