EE Rook Review – 4G Bargain Smartphone


The EE Rook has been designed to give the super fast 4G EE network experience on a budget and here in our EE Rook review we take a look at this bargain 4G smartphone to see how it performs.


EE Rook Design


rook design


The Rook has a simple design and even though it’s packing some impressive tech for its price point the design has been left behind somewhat. The phone has a plastic construction with large bezels surrounding the screen which makes the phone look a little cumbersome. The cover on the back is a mass of black plastic with a yellow ring surrounding the camera and the all black design is broken up by the metallic strips on the side.


ee rook design


It may not win any design awards and it certainly won’t win a looks competition when put next to other smartphones but at just £50 it can be forgiven for being a little err ugly.


EE Rook Features


ee rook features


The Rook has a 4-inch touchscreen display with a 480 x 800 resolution and while this may seen small when compared to the more popular phablets on the market it performs well enough and delivers decent detail when browsing or using apps. Watching videos is not suited to such a small screen but it if you are looking for a multimedia machine then you will probably have a bigger budget than the users this phone is aimed at.


The one area the Rook excels at is connectivity and with 4G included at this price it certainly lifts up the experience overall. The phone has a 64-bit quad-core processor on board and 1GB RAM which allows everything to run pretty smoothly, now this won’t run very demanding apps but for such an affordable phone it’s impressive to get this processor and 4G included in the package.


ee rook processor


EE has also included Android 5.1 which is another surprising addition as they could have chucked an older version in to keep the price down. The interface has had minimal messing too so you get a solid Android experience and even though all the usual expected apps are not pre-loaded you can go and download them from the Play Store should you want to.


The phone has 8GB of on board memory and a microSD card slot for adding an extra 32GB so you can get a decent amount of apps, photos and music on there.


The battery is not the highest capacity out there nor would you expect it to be in such a small phone that has been designed to be affordable but it lasted a little under a day with mixed usage.


Rook Camera Features


rook back


As expected from such an affordable phone the camera is not exactly anything to shout about at 5-megapixels but it can take decent enough snaps for sharing on Facebook or Twitter. There is no flash on board so anything less than optimal lighting conditions is just not worth trying and the front camera is only a VGA lens so this is not a phone for the selfie fan.




The EE Rook may not stand up to the likes of the flagship phones from the big manufacturers but that is not what it has been designed to do. The 4G connectivity, quad-core processor and Android 5.1 OS put this in a great position among phones of the same price and at just £50 this is a bargain for the first time Android user or for anyone watching the pennies.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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