EE branded 4G smartphone spotted


EE was at the forefront of the UK offering for 4G services and now it looks like the network is looking to offer its own branded 4G UK smartphone.


The image broke cover on showing an EE branded 4G phone

The image broke cover on showing an EE branded 4G phone

A leaked snap has revealed an EE branded budget handset with 4G capability and added EE applications such as EE Film and My EE displayed on the homescreen.


As the only information we have so far is a the leaked image we don’t have lots of detail about specifications other than the 4G features.


With 4G EE users could get up to 60Mbps on the double-speed deals available from the network and as this is going to be an own branded phone EE are sure to offer some attractive price points to draw users to the phone.

Other networks have offered smartphones with their brands on before, namely Orange and Vodafone, but EE will be the first one to offer up a 4G version.


Would you choose a network branded phone over that of the more popular manufacturers? Would a cheap deal with 4G data be tempting enough to make you choose this phone?


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