EE and Vodafone Customers to get free Wi-Fi access on the London Tube next year



Vodafone and EE have now joined the scheme with Virgin Media to offer London Underground customers free Wi-Fi access. The free tube Wi-Fi access was launched by Virgin Media at the start of the Olympics and it has now extended the free period until early in 2013.


Now that the agreement has been reached mobile users on the Virgin Media, EE, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone networks can keep browsing for free whilst other users will need to pay.


Virgin confirmed the Pay as You Go service in the New Year will cost either £2 per day, £5 for week or £15 for a monthly pass. The service is currently available at 72 tube stations with a further 20 more to be added by December 2012 and another 28 early next year.


So for all users on O2 and Three it looks like using Wi-Fi on the tube will be chargeable unless these networks get in on the deal with Virgin, and with all the other major networks on board it might be a case of having to agree rather than choosing to.

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