Easier app management with Google Play Store update

Easier app management with Google Play Store update


Google has just updated its Play Store or at least it has for one of its tabs, accessed through the side menu. The ‘My apps & games’ tab is the one that has received the overhaul, making a better use of space and making it far easier to manage app updates.


My apps & games


The My apps and games tab can be found by tapping the three lines menu button at the top left of the page, whenever you visit Google Play. When you select My apps & games from the menu you will be presented with a page that has four tabs.


My apps and games


The first tab used to be SUBSCRIPTIONS but this has now become UPDATES. The new look adopts the smaller size icon for apps, enabling more to be visible on the page. Next to the app icon are two new pieces of information, which are the app size and when the app was last updated. After this there is a new update button, making it far clearer as to how to update an app.


The second tab is INSTALLED and this list can be sorted by Alphabetical order, Last Updated, Last Used and Size. In addition to enabling you to just update your most used apps, this tab can be used for finding apps that you don’t use or apps that take up a lot of memory.


The third tab is LIBRARY and this highlights apps that were installed previously or apps that have been download onto another device, while using the same Google account.


The fourth and final tab is BETA, which as suggested lists your beta apps.


The Google Play Store update is a subtle one but it does once again show Google’s commitment to creating a better experience for Android smartphone owners.


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