Droidwall Review

If you have an iPhone then you need not worry too much about dodgy apps, the appstore is pretty well moderated. It’s rare that anything nefarious gets through the vetting process. Android marketplace may however be another story……….


Google does remove apps that it finds faulty but there’s very little in the way of quality control before apps are put on the marketplace. This means your chances of getting a substandard app are higher. To reduce the risk you may wish to try Droidwall, which is a powerful free security program for Android. It makes use of the IP tables firewall that’s already part of Android’s linux core and lets you micromanage which apps are allowed to connect to the internet. This is particularly useful if you have games or other apps that don’t need internet access to run but use it to download ads. It also allows you restrict internet access to only those apps you trust.


You can use Droidwall to protect yourself from apps sending out data that you don’t want them to. It can also be used to keep your data usage down within your monthly allowance.


One really useful feature is that it lets you set which apps can use your data connection and which can use Wi-Fi. This means you can set apps that are data heavy like youtube to only use the internet when connected to Wi-Fi.


Despite using the IP tables function in the linux core, which lets face it, sounds a bit geeky, you don’t need to be a techy to understand it. The interface is a simple list of apps; each one has a tick-box for 3g and one to enable Wi-Fi. Just tick the appropriate boxes and you’re done.


How to Install?


Just point your QR Code Reader to the picture below, and you will be redirected to the app on the Android Market. Or you can just search Droidwall on the Android Market Store.


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