Doro Liberto 820 – Understanding with a built-in coach

Doro Liberto 820


Packed with special features to help you learn and explore your new smartphone, the Doro Liberto 820 is an understanding phone that has a built-in coach to guide your through every feature.


Designed for the smarter generation, the Doro Liberto 820 has an ergonomic design for when your grip weakens, larger and clearer text and icons for when your vision isn’t so sharp and high volume for when your hearing diminishes.


You can find out more about this revolutionary smartphone in my Doro Liberto 820 review which includes five ‘how to’ videos.


Doro Liberto 820 design


The design incorporates everything that senior users may desire and this includes large icons and adjustable font sizes which appear on the 4.5” display that has a resolution of 560 x 940 pixels.


Below the crystal clear display are 3 physical buttons for options, home and back. On the screen you will see shortcuts with images for the three of your most important contacts, three most used features and a shortcut to Google apps.


This phone is very easy to use and below you can view a ‘How to call, SMS and MMS video’.



The Doro Liberto 820 is also hearing aid compatible, has a built-in torch, has a battery that offers a standby of up to 400 hours and is lightweight at 132 grams.


Doro Liberto 820 features


The built-in coach guides you through the simplified navigation and offers coach guiding for every feature in this mobile phone. HD voice and a speakerphone make it easy to use and a startup wizard is on hand to help you get going.


The Liberto 820 has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and this enables internet access. You can view a ‘How to access the internet video’ below.



And see a ‘How to surf the internet video’ below.



This phone also has a set of safety and security features built in and these include an assistance button which calls for help in an emergency as well as sending out an assistance text message with your GPS position. You can also store your ICE (In Case of Emergency) details in the phone and this may include details of your medications, doctor, health conditions and emergency contact phone numbers.


The Liberto 820 has Bluetooth for wireless connectivity to headsets, games to entertain and music & news via the FM radio. In the box you will also find a headset, USB-cable and charging cradle.


The operating system is Google’s Android v4.4 and this gives you access to Google Play for downloading new apps and content. You can view below a ‘How to add applications video’ to see how easy this is to do.



Doro Liberto 820 camera


The 8 megapixel camera will take superb images allowing you to leave the digital camera at home. Autofocus and flash aid capturing great results and you can view your photos with a handy magnifier function. If you want to capture more of what is happening then you can record video at 720p (high definition).


You can share your results via email or through your social networking accounts such as Facebook. If you want to learn more about email then you can view a ‘How to email video’ below.



Doro Liberto 820 verdict


For too long it has been fairly insulting that industry thinks senior users only want basic phones with no functionality. In fact I believe the complete opposite exists with our older users having the time and desire to explore services like the internet or communicate via email.


Doro has reacted to this change and while they still offer a range of basic phones the Liberto 820 caters for the more technology aware users and with the guiding coach feature anyone can understand and use a smartphone to its fullest capabilities.


Written by: Michael Brown

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