Dolphin HD Browser Comes Of Age

Just a quick review of the latest version – 5.0 – of the Android browser, Dolphin HD.

I didn’t really see anything wrong with the stock Android browser, in fact it’s pretty good, but Dolphin HD brings a few cool new features and a host of features previously only available on full blown desktop browsers, and as it’s free it’s well worth the money.

Before I mention the features though, it’s worth saying this; Dolphin HD will not make the internet faster on your phone. If you have a poor signal the internet will still be slow, it may or may not render certain types of pages faster but you will not notice the difference.

So, features, opening multiple pages in tabs has been the norm on desktop PCs for a while, now you can do it on your phone with up to 8 tabs. Nice.

The menus are clever too, swipe one way and you can get to all your book marks,  you can also create folders and nest them. Swipe the other way and you get the really clever stuff like screen grab and save page as pdf tools.

Dolphin also adds some great gesture recognition,  draw an F on the screen and it goes to facebook, draw a G to go to google, etc. You can configure all the gestures to have different URLs and actions, for example draw an arrow to the left to go back. Or, for added hilarity, draw something rude to go to a friends facebook page and show them in the pub.

Download it with your barcode scanner here:

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