Do You Still Use Your Land Line?

BT have just announced a 10% price hike for daytime land line calls, now this has precisely zero effect on me because I don’t make out going calls on my land line.

Come to think of it, I never take in coming calls, no one has my land line number, in fact the only reason I have a BT line is for broadband. I take for granted the fact that all the calls I make and receive are on my mobile phone, but I’m curious how many other people have abandoned their land Line for all but internet.

Mobile phone deals are coming with more and more inclusive minutes for a monthly price, so there’s less pressure to save mobile minutes by using the land line.

A big thing for me about land lines is that I don’t spend much time at home, so if someone calls my land line I will almost certainly miss the call. My home phone has an answer machine built in, but why would I risk missing an important call when I can just give out my mobile number?

If I move house, my mobile number stays the same, but it can be impossible to keep your land line number and it often takes several weeks to get a land line put in to a new home.

Fixed lines are under pressure from other quarters too,  Skype and other VoIP services can be a much cheaper way of making long distance calls, particularly over seas.

I can’t see a time when large businesses will be able to do away with land lines, certainly not in the near future, but save for broadband I would happily go without.  In fact if I was in an area where cable broadband were available I doubt I would have ever bothered with a land line.

I can’t help feel that domestic land lines are headed towards becoming pipes for broadband and no more. As cable and fibre optic broadband gather pace will home phones become a thing of the past?

What do you think?

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