Do It Yourself Nando’s … Don’t Do It

Facebook Free – Day 36 

In an attempt to save money (for the shoes, note, yesterday’s post) I decided to make a homemade Nando’s. Ironically, it cost me more than it would have done had I just popped over to Nando’s. Not only that, it also tasted tragic (cooking is usually one of my strengths too …!) so, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I headed over to Nando’s and bought one instead. Not really the money saving technique that I had in mind but at least I’ll know for the future…

What I realised, whilst driving to my nearest Nando’s which is quite new, is that the only reason I knew that this new Nando’s even existed was because someone had tagged themselves into a post on Facebook. They could have opened one even closer to me, whilst I’ve been off Facebook, and I’d never know! Not for another four days anyway.

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