DisplayMate dubs the Samsung Galaxy S10 the “most accurate colour display ever”.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 models are finally official and now it seems the new flagship models have another feather in its cap. DisplayMate gives the Samsung Galaxy S10 the “most accurate colour display ever” accolade.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The previous Galaxy models had some record-breaking features on them and now the Samsung Galaxy S10 joins them in this prestigious club. According to the world’s leading authority on displays, DisplayMate, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has a record-breaking screen that is head and shoulders above the competition.

The Galaxy S10 has been given the highest grade ever from DisplayMate with an A+ for the OLED display. The display “matches or sets over a dozen new performance records” for a smartphone display.

Some of the highlights of the DisplayMate tests have concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S10 has:

– High brightness mode, up to 17% higher than the Galaxy S9
– The most colour accurate display ever measured

The testers at DisplayMate heaped praise on the Samsung Galaxy S10 display dubbing it “visually indistinguishable from perfect, and almost certainly considerably better than your existing smartphone, living room HDTV, tablet, laptop, and computer monitor”.

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S9 release of last year, this years Samsung Galaxy S10 has better power efficiency for the display and improved viewing angles. DisplayMate also shared that this latest Samsung Galaxy S10 has an improved blue light spectrum compared to the Galaxy S9.

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