Dior Phone…we adore it!

Dior phone
Dior phone

If your looking for the ultimate in mobile bling we dont think you could beat the Dior latest phone. The fashion giants have teamed up with Swarovski to bring the fashion pack this stunning handset.

The new line of ’boutique’ handsets were manufactured in partnership with Modelabs and features a touch screen display, 2 mega pixel camera and a god send for women the mini-phone extender named My Dior. This device is about the size of a USB and can clip onto the outside of your bag to save the panic of rummaging through your bag when your phone rings.

This phone is all about the looks and at a whopping £5,000 it is pricey, for a slightly less 2,000 you can get one covered in crocodile skin minus the diamonds. Available in orange, pink and silver at Mobilesplease we think for the money it is overated and for the same money you could buy 10 Nokia N96‘s for the same money…or a pretty decent car.

If your still looking for that bling in your life why not do it yourself with our DIY home bling kits, popular with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff. These start from a much more reasonable £6.99, browse the bling ring range here.

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