Dell’s Winning Streak Continues

The original Dell Streak was a 5-inch touchscreen device that left us all a little confused as to what category to lump it into – is it a smartphone? is it a tablet? Well the Streak 7 offers no such confusion with its bright 7-inch multi-touch display this gadget is well and truly on the tablet shelf.

Many of the popular tablets have 10-inch screens that can make the devices quite large and heavy overall so the Dell Streak 7 gives you the best of both worlds. With a large enough screen to really enjoy movies and share your photos whilst still being compact enough to take everywhere this could suit all those looking for a mid-sized tab.  Android v2.2 OS is on board with a promise of an over-the-air upgrade whilst the Nvidia dual-core processor ensures powerful performance and impressive mu\
lti-tasking. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Adobe Flash 10.1 support are all under the hood as well as two cameras (5MP for taking photos and recording video clips and a front facing 1.3MP for video chat). All the usual Android goodies are on board including a Google package consisting of Google Search, Gmail, Maps and YouTube as well as access to the Android Market for a huge choice of downloadable apps and content. The 16GB memory can be expanded up to 32GB and there is GPS support for finding your way when exploring new places.

So if you are feeling like Goldilocks in the current tablet market with the 5-inch and 10-inch tablets, then the new Dell Streak 7 could be just right.

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