Dedicated Mobile Soap Opera – World’s First?


This may or may not be a world’s first, so after reading our latest column you may like to make a comment and let us know what you have uncovered on your travels through our media rich marketplace as there is only so much ‘browsing’ one gal can do!


Yesterday the No.1 TV network in Mexico, Televisa and US Spanish language broadcaster Univision announced the launch of their new soap opera created just for mobile phones and tablet PCs.


Although the actual soap will be of little interest to UK users (unless you happen to speak Spanish), the production is an exciting development that highlights the advancements in today’s screen technology and the media hunger of smartphone users.


Written and filmed especially for smartphones, 15 episodes have been created of the soap opera called ‘Te presento a Valentin’, which translates to Meet Valentin. Episodes will last for approximately 7 minutes and just like normal TV soaps these episodes will be aired 3 times a week with the option to catch-up on released episodes after this.


The main difference outside of the shorter episode length, and I think quite a clever move, is that the ‘plot hooks’ occur every 5 minutes as opposed to every 45 minutes or before each commercial break for TV based soaps.


Whilst it is unlikely that we will see the demise of the soaps on TV in the future there is clearly a market here and I imagine those commuting daily on trains with a Wi-Fi signal would welcome such a release in the UK.


So is this the only one out there? If you have discovered one and think it’s worth a watch let us know!

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