Day 3 – Facebook, You Have No Idea What You’ve Missed Out On In These Last Three Days

Facebook Free: Day 3

I’m at the CornerHouse cafe on Oxford Road in Manchester for a talk about Cookies, not the yummy kind – although they did have some of those too – the sort that are stored on your computer to collect your personal data. Whilst making notes, I think about how I could share this information with the other members of my course via our Facebook group. Following this thought I go to tag myself in at the CornerHouse on Facebook, before realising that none of this is possible.


Had a particularly unproductive, yet eventful, afternoon which started when a Mercedes drove into my car in a car park. It ended when I watched it get towed to the nearest garage. Usually, I’d have updated my status about this before exchanging insurance details – seriously.


By 7pm I needed a Bellini so Bex (another member of the Just Say Please team) and I went out for dinner and cocktails. She tried to tag me in on Facebook at Piccolino’s – and had no luck!


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