Day 22 – Fancy A Guiness At The Weekend? “A Guiness? I Don’t Think You’ve Ever Asked Me That Before, Can We Not Just Have A Vino Like Usual?”

Facebook Free – Day 22

A craving for Haribo Tangfastics is the only reason I’ve left my house this week (although to be honest I wish I hadn’t bothered, it was packed full of Cherries, my least favourite!) those, and a run (felt guilty because I had to miss Pilates!) so whilst finishing off my dissertation my primary focus is the weekend. And apparently it’s St. Patricks day, and we have to drink Guiness.

I’m not your typical Guiness drinker I have to be honest. I think the only time that I’ve tried it is in brown sauce (is there anything they haven’t tried to ruin brown sauce with?!) and gravy – one of my Mother’s recipes, we had marmalade gravy at the weekend, apparently there’s nothing she hasn’t tried to ruin gravy with. So in true St Patrick ’s Day spirit, at the weekend I plan to drink Guiness – I can’t wait!

The girls I’m with are both Facebook free – KN’s never ever even had an account, although she’s a Twitter addict and RM’s given it up for Lent too … although the last I heard (via text!) it wasn’t going quite to plan!

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