Day 21 – I Thought Giving Up Facebook For Fourty Days Was Tough …

Facebook Free – Day 21

Today I’m having my photo taken, much to the amusement of my friends – the ones who know about it anyway – I’m having lunch with the ones who don’t know about it on the day it will be published … watch this space.

Following Damian’s Press Release last week, my University kindly passed the story on to The Warrington Guardian (the town’s local newspaper) who would like to feature it in this week’s paper.

It will also feature a young boy who’s given up all sweets, chocolate, crisps, cake etc … to raise money for charity. I’m struggling to understand why my town would like to hear about me giving up Facebook, because I too easily distracted, when there’s a very strong willed seven year old giving up sweets and chocolate for Save The Children charity.

I’m 23 and I’d find giving up sweets and chocolate incredibly challenging, particularly during such a hectic time at Uni. I’m doing a run with my family in August, inspired by Luke, I’ll be raising money from it for Save The Children.

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