Day 19 – Pinterest, I’d Love To, But I Can’t …

Facebook Free: Day 19

It was only a matter of time before I found something to fill the void in my life that Lent so cruelly took away from me. I knew it would happen, I’ve managed to keep my Twitter visits (relatively) low, but following research (it truly was research, it’s all Uni’s fault) I signed up to Pinterest. And then FashionLista. And now – only half an hour after I signed up to each service – I’m juggling between my iPad, iPhone and laptop, checking to see what’s just been uploaded since I last looked at the screen thirty seconds ago! The worst part is, is that each time I look there’s something new. It’s almost been a minute since I last looked and I’ve probably missed a whole selection of stylish looks that I’ll never see again!

When I log on, there’s a giant banner asking me to add Pinterest to my Facebook timeline. Pinterest, if I had one, I would do.

Discovering these websites less than a week before my dissertation’s due in was not a wise move! Without managing to stop myself I’ve just downloaded both of the apps on to my iPhone. All that I’m missing now is some friends! Find me, my username’s Lauren Percival on both platforms.

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