Day 18 – Made It To Wales. No Thanks To The Sat Nav!

Facebook Free – Day 18

This weekend – whilst rolling backwards down a vertical mud slide in my car – I decided that you should never under-estimate the usefulness of a map. In fact, there should be a law; it should be illegal to leave the house without a map.

Unlike a satellite navigation system, or a mobile phone, a map will never lose signal. It won’t tell you to turn around when possible, on a motorway, and it won’t tell you to turn right onto a dual carriageway heading in the opposite direction.

Prior to off roading my car through the Welsh hills I remembered thinking how we don’t need things like Sat Nav’s anymore. Especially when we’ve got apps as useful as Google Maps on our iPhones advising us to drive vertically up
I decided, whilst narrowly missing a tree, that the only thing being at risk of being cut short was my life, and my sisters. Who’d chain smoked her way through the entire experience. So when I made it to the bottom of the hill, through nothing other than sheer luck, that it was time to invest in a map. Not only does the Sat Nav send you through all sorts of strange places, I totally lost signal both satellite and internet signal on my phone, before reaching my Mum’s.muddy passages. It’s probably a short cut. I’ll get to my Mum’s house and tell the whole family about how I’ve just found a short cut, “if you ignore the sign warning you not to drive up the vertical ditch, you get here in half the time.”

Good job I don’t want to use Facebook.

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