Day 17 – Facebook, Are You Feeling Lonely?

Facebook Free: Day 17

I am missing Facebook something rotten! So I’ve been looking forward to a girly catch up with two old friends for weeks; if anyone has the Facebook goss it’s these two. After being well and truly out of the loop – not only do I not have access to Facebook but I’m also juggling two jobs and a dissertation; I have no idea what I’ve been missing out on – I was ready for the juice. And I’m still waiting. Because not only have I given up Facebook for Lent, so have these two jokers – unbeknown to any of us because … none of us are on Facebook!

For the first time in a long time we talked about ourselves and our own lives, and no-one else’s. I forgot it was possible, and we’re actually a lot more interesting than we thought. The only time that we ran into difficulty was when we brought friends up in conversation, who one of us didn’t know. Usually Facebook would manage to refresh our memories; instead we had to continue the story without putting a face to a name – much more imaginative!

What was interesting was learning their reasons behind giving Facebook up for Lent. Remember the days when your relationship status wasn’t defined by a status? So do we, now…

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