Day 16 – Warrington’s Fallen Off Of The Fashion Radar! Was It Ever On There?

Proving that I’m still a sucker for social media (I knew I shouldn’t have let myself jump on the Twitter bandwagon) I had a quick scan through the H&M tweets about their collaboration with Marni and, even though I promised myself that I’d stay away, before I knew it I was in the car heading to into Warrington.

I was half way there before realising that perhaps it might not be at the Warrington store (I can’t imagine many people in Warrington being Marni’s biggest fan, really) and maybe I should have checked before leaving. I continued on my adventure and discovered, on arrival, that my suspicions e correct when no-one was there. There wasn’t even a banner in the window!

Says a lot about H&M’s perception of Warrington … I wonder whether any of my Facebook friends ventured into Manchester … I might have to make a list of updates ready for my return. None of them will be remotely relevant in 40 days time I admit, but there’s so much that I feel I’m missing out on!

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