Day 15 Wednesday – Must Think Through The Implications of Giving Up Facebook Before Giving It Up

Back in December, to try and make a few extra pennies before Christmas, my best friend and I embarked on a new business adventure – buying and selling costume jewellery on Facebook. Hardly a break through business strategy I’ll admit but it did the job.

Hopefully there won’t be a radical turn in jewellery trends in the next 25 days …Now that things have started to calm down again at uni we thought it would be good to start it up again. We bought the jewellery (favourite being a copy of the Yves Saint Laurent rings – fabulous, would be an understatement.) took the photo’s, priced it up and went to put them on Facebook. And that’s where it ended. The Facebook page where we promoted the jewellery is linked only to my Facebook page; I’m the only administrator, meaning we’d have to access my Facebook profile to get to the business page.

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