Day 14 Tuesday – Sleep Deprived and Dangerous. But Incredibly Productive.

Facebook Free, Day 14:

Surprisingly, I’ve managed to fit my extracurricular activities around my university work. You’d be forgiven for thinking that life as a part time arsonist / murderer / go-kart racing drink spiller would take up a lot of my time, and you’d be right, but I’ve found that a distinct lack of sleep frees up a lot more time than you’d imagine.

So, thanks to sleep deprivation, we’ve managed to finish our assignment and today was the day of our final presentation.

I’m happy to say that we sailed it. To celebrate we had enormous glasses of wine in Troff, a quirky student bar in Fallowfield. Don’t let the ‘student’ tag put you off; the food is second to none – if you’re ever near Fallowfield try it, there’s nowhere else quite like it.

Desperate to find out how the other groups went (rivals! In a healthy kind of competitive way – sort of.) but without Facebook it’s impossible. Amy went on a Facebook stalking spree last night to see if anyone had spilled any pre-presentation beans – they had, but of course I couldn’t see what had been said! Probably for the best, I’d have only attempted to sabotage their presentation and I can’t imagine that would have done our group any favours. Far too competitive!

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