Day 13 – Look, You’re Obviously Not A Size 4, If You’re Going To Attempt To Steal My Shoes At Least Be Able To Wear Them.

Facebook Free, Day 13:

After watching two men attempt to break into my car (unsuccessfully I’ll add, although they’d have had a field day if they’d managed to get into the boot! There are more shoes in there than Selfridges shoe hall!) I’m convinced that I’m secretly being filmed. This much excitement in less than two weeks is a lot, even for me!

Sat from my friends’ apartment, with a brew and a bacon butty (it was like watching the telly, honestly! Gripping watch.)  We watched one man look inside my car, whilst the other bent over pretending to look under the car behind mine but attempting to open my boot!

In all honesty I think it was just an attempt for these illicit masterminds to clinch a spot on Britain’s Dumbest Criminals – after failing to get into my car, they drove off in their own car, past the apartment, showing off their shiny reg plate. I rang the police, in a vain attempt to prevent it from happening again, but our action packed fifteen minutes wasn’t quite as interesting to Barbara who answered the call. Needless to say I didn’t hear anything back about it.

Is taking a photo of criminals and posting them to Facebook against the law? I’m guessing they’ll be some human rights for thieves’ legislation somewhere. Giving up Facebook for Lent has probably just saved me a jail sentence…

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